Pennsylvania Tax Information

Pennsylvania Corporate Taxes:

Corporate Net Income Tax: 9.99% of Federal Taxable Income

Corporate Stock and Taxable Value: 11.99 mills per Taxable Value Franchise

Real Property Tax: None

Personal Property Tax: None

Sales Tax:  6.0% sales in PA
Manufacturing exemption limited to tangible personal property

Inventory Tax: None

Unitary Tax: None

Ad Valorum Tax (VAT): None

Machinery & Equipment: None

Unemployment Compensation:

Company Contribution

New Company 3.7% first 8,000

Minimum Rate .03% first 8,000

Maximum Rate 9.7% first 8,000

Employee Contribution: 0.09% of wages through withholding

Income Tax: None

County Taxes:

Property Tax          4.75
(Real Estate)          mills/

City or Township:

Income Tax .5%

School Taxes:

Property: Varies with political  subdivision

Income: Varies with school district