Local Utilities and Service Providers


Williamsport Municipal Water Authority (WMWA)
$4.95 per thousand gallons billed

Williamsport Sanitary Authority (WSA)
$10.60 per thousand gallons billed


UGI is the natural gas provider for the Central Pennsylvania region. Use the following links to help with whatever needs you may have for your gas utilities.

Start/Stop Service for Residential
Switching your commercial building to gas
Newsletter for Commercial and Industrial Buildings
Newsletter for Builders and Developers
Gas Technology Magazine


PPL Electric is the primary electricity supplier for Central Pennsylvania. Use the following links to help with your service, and check out the other links below for money saving rebate opportunities.

Start, stop or transfer service
New Construction Resources
Webinars for Commercial and Industrial Facilities
Rebate and Incentives for Commercial/Industrial Properties


Lycoming County Landfill –

  • State-of-the-art double-lined landfill facility
  • The County Solid Waste System is a multi-technology, multi-county system that accepts a wide range of non-hazardous industrial wastes at rates among the lowest in Pennsylvania
  • In-plant professional waste minimization and waste disposition advisory services are provided to industrial customers

For more information call (800) 326-9571 or go to their website.

TV / Internet / Phone

(800) 266-2278 or visit www.comcast.com

(800) 660-7111 or visit www.verizon.com

Direct TV
(866) 951-7995

Direct TV for multi-family facilities

Dish Network 


Satellite Country
(800) 570-6571

Aloha Satellite
(866) 519-5686

CenturyLink Business

Internet Service Providers
Phone Systems

(877) 365-0045

Business Web Hosting Services


Web Development and Product Branding Services

The Graphic Hive
140 West Fourth St., Williamsport, PA