Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

Why should I “list” my property? I can sell it myself.

At Weichert Affiliates Commercial Network listing your property is not just about adding a listing to an internet site. It is about working together and marketing your property to the right buyers. Part of working together is about pricing your property right. There are also over 300 realtors on our local MLS site that will have access to your listing instantly.

How do I price my property?

You are not alone. I will assist you in the pricing of your property by doing research in to what the market trends are doing in with comparable properties. I will give you a range of a suggested price. Then, you can make an informed decision and confidently price your property.

How long will it take to sell?

No one can answer that question. But, with proper pricing based on current market trends and with thorough marketing I can guarantee that I will give your property the proper exposure it needs to sell.

What will it cost me to sell my property?

It will only cost you if the property sells. The cost of selling your property is one of the items that are always negotiable in real estate.

How long should I “list” my property?

The term is always negotiable and will be determined by several factors such as pricing and current market trends. This is something we will discuss as a team but the final decision is yours.